Some projects I have worked on

Courier Webapp for T.A.S. bvba


T.A.S. needed a web application in which couriers could easily log all sorts of information. They also required a management console for inserting vehicles, adding users, filter the data, ...

I made an application in React coupled with Firebase. All data is available in the management console in real-time. The couriers use a highly optimised and mobile friendly form for inserting the required data.

Parentia website - 2020/2021

Parentia needed to translate multiple highly complex designs into code. These designs needed to fit into their existing drupal website.

After partially refactoring their existing postCSS, I translated the designs into maintainable code following the BEM methodology. All while pushing for maximum browser support and responsiveness.

Company website for Art of Sports - 2020

Art of Sports was opening its doors and they needed a strong presence on the web.

I build them I highly performant website using gridsome (a Vue.js framework) coupled with a headless CMS built with directus so they would be able to update all content on their own.

There is more...

Not everything is for public eyes, though. To find out more do not hesitate to contact me.